‘Victoria Carriage’

image10.jpgThe Victoria was an elegant French carriage, possibly thought to be based on a phaeton and made for King George IV of the United Kingdom. The Victoria is a four-wheeled, door-less vehicle with a forward-facing seat for two persons covered with a folding top and an elevated coachman’s seat above the front axle. The graceful body curves down from the coachman’s seat to the floorboards, and up again making it the most elegant of all carriages.

The earliest Victoria was imported into England some time before 1844 and was widely known by 1870. At this time it was very widely popular amongst wealthy families. Typically drawn by one or two horses this carriage became fashionable with ladies for riding in the park.

image5.jpgThe carriage we use is a stunning navy Victoria with beige coachlines, detailing on the wheels and a navy velvet hood. There is also a custom made leather cover which can be put on over the bride etc. on those more chilly days and this is also fully waterproof for unpredictable rainy days, keeping you dry and warm.

The carriage has disc brakes all round making it super safe.